The Best Disney Live-Action Movies

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What are the best Disney live action movies? While Disney has put out some of the most incredible, memorable animated feature films of all time, it has also released some remarkable live action films. Some of the live action Walt Disney movies listed here date back several decades; others are more modern classics. One thing they all have in common? They are wildly popular. Vote for your favorites, vote down any you didn't like and, of course, please add any great Disney live action movies that are missing. This list also includes Disney's live action remakes.

Just as Disney's animated movies are almost always top notch, with awesome Disney princesses and menacing animated Disney villains, so are the Disney live action films.

Some of the excellent live action Disney movies listed here have a bit of cartoon action in them, but overall, they qualify. One good example is 1964's Mary Poppins, certainly among the greatest of Disney's live action offerings but also one of the best musical movies of all time, too. Fans of sports films will notice that many of Disney's best live action films are also among the most inspirational sports movies everMiracle and Remember the Titans come to mind immediately as a few of the best Disney sports movies that were also taken from real life stories.

Disney has also produced several first-rate live action film franchises, including Pirates of the CaribbeanThe Chronicles of Narnia, and the National Treasure movies. All of these movies could be considered among Disney's best, but this is about you -- which ones do you think are the best? Start voting, and enjoy reminiscing about some of Disney's most wonderful, non animated movies. Fun for the whole family!

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