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The Best Disney Songs Of All-Time

Here are the greatest Disney songs ever, ranked by fans everywhere. Featuring songs from animated Disney movies as well as the updated versions from the live-action remakes, this list of Disney songs includes popular sing-along favorites, underrated songs, and even forgotten classics. What are your favorite Disney songs from movies? 

"A Whole New World" is definitely one of the top Disney songs, but you get to pick which version you like best. Whether you like the 1992 movie version featuring Brad Kane and Lea Salonga or the new 2019 version with Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward, all the official versions are ranked here.

Vote up the best Disney movie songs, and add your favorites if they deserve to be on this list. This Disney songs lists does not include songs from Pixar movies or Disney Channel movies, so please add music from Disney feature films only.