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The Best Disney Video Games Of All Time

Updated February 1, 2019 1.1k votes 227 voters 2.1k views

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Disney has been releasing video games on consoles, PC, and handheld or coin operated devices since the '80s. Many of their early titles followed the adventures of the beloved Mickey Mouse, but Disney soon began to expand their stories to include other characters.

They released video games with our other favorite Disney characters, from Donald Duck and the DuckTales crew, to Goofy and the gang from Goof Troop. They even had room for relative newcomers like Simba in The Lion King.

Disney eventually began to push the boundaries even further, releasing titles with characters we hadn't met before, like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, or titles that included all of our favorite characters, like Disney Infinity. Disney started releasing video games without any characters, like Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix.

Disney has produced over 100 titles throughout the years, including some of the greatest games ever. They've given us countless hours of entertainment, and frustration (looking at you, Lion King). But most importantly, they constantly made us feel welcome in an incredible, fantastical, magical world.  

It's time to dig out your old NES and start blowing into the cartridges! Help rank the absolute best Disney video games of all time.

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