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The 20 Greatest Quotes From Disney Villains

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Although the wit and charm of Disney heroes are enough to win over any audience, don't let their friendly faces take home all of the credit. Villains in Disney films prove themselves to be just as dynamic, creative, and insightful as their protagonist counterparts. And with more than 500 movies (including all your favorite animated classics) available on Disney+, you can revisit these villains again and again.

From casual dialogue exchanges to famous Disney villain last words, the swindlers and crooksters and downright no-good-doers of Disney's animated sagas have a lot to say. While their words might not be as wholesome as some of our heroes' (villains have their own ways of saying what's on their mind, after all), they're just as memorable. These unforgettable phrases have probably been echoing in your head for ages.

  • Photo: Sleeping Beauty / Buena Vista Distribution

    "You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me, the mistress of all evil!"

    From the very beginning of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent makes it clear that she's evil. Upset that she wasn't invited to the royal birth of Aurora, she curses the child and fates her to expire on her 16th birthday. The good fairies are able to diminish the curse to a deep sleep, but it's not enough to save her entirely.

    As the good fairies continue trying to lift the spell, Maleficent finds their attempts to be both annoying and amusing. She unleashes an evil cackle as Aurora's 16th birthday strikes and the girl succumbs to her curse.

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  • Photo: Beauty and the Beast / Buena Vista Pictures

    "It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and thinking..."

    In Beauty and the Beast, Belle is tormented by the buff and boisterous Gaston. He barrels after Belle, insisting that she stop spending her time educating herself and start spending it fawning over him.

    Not only does he obsessively grab and guffaw at Belle, he ridicules her over the things she enjoys, including her hobbies and her family. Gaston is not shy about his disrespect for women, and the extent of his chauvinism exposes itself in the things he says, especially to his bros. 

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  • Photo: Aladdin / Buena Vista Pictures

    "You've heard of the golden rule, haven't you? Whoever has the gold makes the rules."

    For both power and job security, Jafar schemes up a plan to marry the Sultan's daughter, Jasmine. Everything seems to be going his way until Aladdin steps in to court her instead. Throughout Aladdin, the street-dweller wins Jasmine's heart with his wit and charm.

    Jafar won't just sit back and let Aladdin foil his plans. Still bent on obtaining absolute power over everything in the kingdom, Jafar uses tactics ranging from psychological manipulation to magical enchantments to charge his way to the top. In the guise of a begger, Jafar approaches Aladdin to give him a bit of insight on how his world works.

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  • "If only there was someone out there who loved you."

    Hans presents himself to everyone in Frozen as a humble and dashing prince. Although born into royalty, his large family size prevents him from ever being able to ascend to king. His only purpose for involving himself with Princess Anna is to dispatch the two royal sisters and take over their kingdom.

    His plot to dethrone the two sisters is set in motion when Anna, being the awesome and caring sister she is, journeys out to bring her sister, Elsa, home. Instead of coming back with her sister, Anna comes back with a cursed heart. An act of true love can break the curse, but Hans tells her the cruel truth.

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