All the Lands at Disneyland, Ranked by Which You Most Want to Live In

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Every kid occasionally fantasized about living in Disneyland, but what if you really could? Say you had your pick of all lands in Disneyland. Which part of the park would you stake out as your personal neighborhood? Determining the best parts of Disneyland can be a tough call. Pretty much all the lands in the park have something special going for them, so it's hard to say where you would spend the bulk of your time could you declare residency in the Happiest Place on Earth.

Would you choose to immerse in the futuristic backdrop of Tomorrowland or live a rustic life in Frontierland? Would you opt for some dark Disney magic by lingering near the Haunted Mansion or chill with the Disney princesses in Fantasyland? Here, you will find all Disneyland worlds ranked by livability!