The Most Savage Diss Tracks of 2019 

Coley Reed
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Dissing rappers has always been a staple in hip hop, and 2019 is no different. Here are the best diss tracks of 2019, ranked by fans. From T.I. dissing Floyd Mayweather for supporting Gucci to Summer Bunni bragging about breaking up Cardi B and Offset, this list of 2019 diss songs features some of the most disrespectful lyrics ever.

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T.I. - "F**k N***a"
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Disses: Floyd Mayweather

Best lines:

Old greedy *ss n***a only thinking about himself
He get the fame, he get the wealth
But people is strugglin', who did you help?

Man, where your gratitude?
You act like they weren't no more poor people struggling after you
Guess you were the last, n***a you trash

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YG - "Stop Snitchin"
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Disses: 6ix9ine

Best lines:

You got fear in your heart so you cooperate
I can’t see how b**ch n***as operate
Oh, you’s a b**ch
Your mama know you a b**ch
Your girl even know you a b**ch
I don’t even know how she suck your dick, pause
You got caught with some s**t
With your best friend and your clique
Y'all got caught hittin' a lick
Everybody went down ‘cause you snitched

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Don Q - "I'm Not Joyner"
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Disses: Tory Lanez

Best lines: 

You went to Funk Flex a started spittin' just like me, speak up if I'm lyin'
You told me that you watched my freestyle hundreds of times
Guess that's why you sound like me in a couple of lines
You said memories don't die, my memory don't lie
You literally went up there and mimicked me the whole time

War time, about face, I don't gotta clout chase
I don't gotta rap for nine minutes just to sound great
You diss Joyner Lucas with his sound? Oh, that's foul play
You diss Drake and took his style on your Love Me Now? tape

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Layzie Bone - "Annihilation"
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Disses: Migos

Best lines:

You n***as callin’ me ‘trash,’ man, I’m not surprised
What you’re really trying to do is ostracize
Pull the wool over the eyes of the young and the wise

I’m so weak I’m supposed to agree?
Like ‘them n***as is the best, they as good as can be’
Nah, n***as, y’all clowns, you ain’t f**kin’ with me
And word around town that you’re duckin’ the G

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