Rap The Most Savage Diss Tracks of 2019  

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Dissing rappers has always been a staple in hip hop, and 2019 is no different. Here are the best diss tracks of 2019, ranked by fans. From T.I. dissing Floyd Mayweather for supporting Gucci to Summer Bunni bragging about breaking up Cardi B and Offset, this list of 2019 diss songs features some of the most disrespectful lyrics ever.

What is your favorite diss song of 2019? Vote up the best rap diss tracks of 2019, and check back as we update the list with more hip hop feuds. 

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Layzie Bone - Annihilation

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Video: YouTube

Disses: Migos

Best lines:

You n***as callin’ me ‘trash,’ man, I’m not surprised
What you’re really trying to do is ostracize
Pull the wool over the eyes of the young and the wise

I’m so weak I’m supposed to agree?
Like ‘them n***as is the best, they as good as can be’
Nah, n***as, y’all clowns, you ain’t f**kin’ with me
And word around town that you’re duckin’ the G

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T.I. - "F**k N***a"

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Video: YouTube

Disses: Floyd Mayweather

Best lines:

Old greedy *ss n***a only thinking about himself
He get the fame, he get the wealth
But people is strugglin', who did you help?

Man, where your gratitude?
You act like they weren't no more poor people struggling after you
Guess you were the last, n***a you trash

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DREAMDOLL - "On Your Head"

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Video: YouTube

Disses: Tory Lanez

Best lines:

The same night I met Tory

had him eating my box

Eating my a** and try to suck my feet through my socks

Don’t ever say my name on a record, you tryna get props?

’Cause the day I feel disrespected, I make you my opps.

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Tory Lanez - "Don Queen"

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Video: YouTube

Disses: Don Q

Best lines:

I got a real message for my brother Quincy, my n***a, it's time to go get tested
It's a couple h*es in Starlets I know you infected
You really out here f**kin' raw with a scrotum infection
And what's worse is you know it, still you go unprotected

You wrote a tape for your n***a that died
You made a promise it would pop and that the sh*t would be live
Hurts that you had tell my n***a a lie
'Cause that mixtape flopped and so did your other five

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