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The Best DLC Packs

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List RulesVote up the best DLC packs that best enhance the gameplay of the original game.

Downloadable Content Packs (DLCs) are add on packs distributed by the original game distributor or a third party, that add something to an already existing game. DLCs can include a whole range of things from new levels or objectives to new characters or additional worlds.

DLC's have become hugely important because it allows developers to keep working after a game is released, either fixing problems, improving general gameplay, or shaping a game more to the wants and needs of the fans.

With their surge in popularity and influence, this list of the best DLC packs has been ranked by gamers as the best packs available. Vote up the DLC packs you think are the best, that have most improved a game you love.
  • BioShock 2
    Photo: 2K Games
    Minerva's Den DLC was basically a character study on AI and early computing, with INCREDIBLE visuals. The graphics alone are worth the price of the game itself, though opinion on Bioshock 2 itself is almost cleanly split down the middle: half of gamers love it, the other half think it shouldn't have been made. But almost all agree that Minerva's Den was a huge improvement.
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  • New Super Mario Bros U
    Photo: Nintendo
    New Super Luigi Bros. U DLC completely omits that other plumber, allowing you to play through entirely as Luigi, with his higher jumps, lower traction, and floaty physics. It is practically it's own stand alone game. 
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  • Dishonored
    Photo: Bethesda

    Knife of Dunwall DLC added the ability to play as master assassin Daud (the main antagonist of the first game), making for an entirely new game with new missions, objectives, and gameplay that are arguably better than the first game.

    The Brigmore Witches DLC added an additional story arc which with hours of additional gameplay linking the story from the main campaign to the other 3 additional DLCs. This one in particular, wonderfully builds to a spectacular finale.
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  • The Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC added the ability to play alongside Liara giving the player, in addition to hours more gameplay, a lot of rich history from a beloved Mass Effect character.
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