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The Most Frightening Quotes From 'Doctor Sleep'

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Fans of Stephen King novels and Stanley Kubrick's classic horror film The Shining should vote for the best Doctor Sleep quotes. This is a sequel to The Shining, based on King's novel of the same name. The movie has a unique predicament -- it has to remain true to both King's Doctor Sleep book, but also to Kubrick's cinematic adaptation of the original source material, which is referenced throughout. Thanks to a sharp script that contains some dramatic one-liners and a few funny lines to lighten the tense mood, it works.

Ewan McGregor plays the now-grown Dan Torrance. He's developed a drinking problem as a result of the trauma he suffered as a child at the Overlook Hotel. Dan can only run from his problems for so long, though. He develops a psychic connection to a little girl named Abra Stone (Kyliegh Curran), who is being pursued by a cult known as The True Knot. Under the leadership of Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson), they kidnap children with extrasensory powers and suck the "shine" right out of them. Dan and Abra must work together to foil them.

Doctor Sleep was directed by Mike Flanagan, who previously adapted King's Gerald's Game for Netflix. His other credits include Ouija: Origin of Evil and Oculus. He also wrote the screenplay. 

Vote up the most memorable Doctor Sleep quotes from the list below, regardless of which character says them. 

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    One Big Hospice

    Dan Torrance: The world is one big hospice with fresh air.

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    Scream For Years

    Rose the Hat: Yes, you run, dear. And then I will find you, and you will scream for years.

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    Outside Voices

    Dan Torrance (to Abra Stone, after she communicates with him telepathically): Let's use our outside voices, okay?

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    People Who Shine

    Dan Torrance: It's dangerous for people who shine.

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