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The Best Doctor Strange Quotes From The MCU

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Here are the best Doctor Strange quotes from Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Dr. Stephen Strange is a former neurosurgeon who becomes a Master of the Mystic Arts, and later, the Sorcerer Supreme. Initially, Doctor Strange was an arrogant and stubborn man, but through his training, he became humble and determined. From funny quotes to quotable lines, what is your favorite quote from Doctor Strange?

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    Pain Is An Old Friend

    Dormammu: You cannot do this for ever.

    Dr. Stephen Strange: Actually, I can. This is how things are now. You and me. Trapped in this moment. Endlessly.

    Dormammu: Then you will spend eternity dying!

    Dr. Stephen Strange: Yes, but everyone on Earth will live.

    Dormammu: But you will suffer!

    Dr. Stephen Strange: Pain's an old friend.


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    I Can Lose

    Dormammu: End this! You will never win.

    Dr. Stephen Strange: No. But I can lose. Again. And again. And again. Forever. That makes you my prisoner.


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    Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Doctor Strange: I went forward in time, to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.

    Peter Quill: How many did you see?

    Doctor Strange: 14,000,605.

    Tony Stark: How many did we win?

    Doctor Strange: One.

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    Protecting Your Reality

    Protecting Your Reality
    Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Tony Stark: What is your job exactly, except to make balloon animals?

    Doctor Strange: Protecting your reality, d*uchebag.

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