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Doctor Strange's Silliest Catch Phrases & Spells

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If you've never heard the names of Doctor Strange's spells, you're missing out. Doctor Strange's catchphrases are epic and awesome, with each one doing something different. You probably aren't too familiar with him, since Strange isn't exactly the most popular Marvel hero. Sure, casual comic fans recognize him and diehards idolize him, but the everyday person doesn't know him at all. To comic fans, he's the Sorcerer Supreme! To everyday civilians, he's "That mustache guy with the crazy red cape and weird hand stuff." 

After Benedict Cumberbatch dons Eye of Agamotto in a Marvel Studios movie, things will be different. With a movie under his belt, Strange could join the Marvel A-list. But until then we'll enjoy this list of Dr. Strange's catch phrases and spells.

Plenty of superheroes have catch phrases, but none are quite like Strange's. This is a man who regularly and all seriousness shouts words like "Hoggoth," "Oshtur," and "Cyttorak." This is a character whose writers wrote fun incantations and phrases in alliteration first and then went and based the characters off those invented names!

These are the silliest Doctor Strange catch phrases, so vote up your favorites to determine just which ridiculously theatrical spell is the best he's ever shouted.