The Best Documentaries About Aliens

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Vote up your favorite documentaries about aliens, UFOs, and life in worlds beyond.

Here is a list of documentaries about aliens ranked by the community. This list includes popular and recognizable titles, along with a lot of independent films about aliens and UFO sightings. What are the best documentaries about aliens? Vote on the films below to find out, you might even be able to watch some of them on YouTube and Netflix.

As you vote, the order of the list will be changed to see which documentary about aliens comes out on top. If you don't see your favorite on the list, add it along with the titles below so that others may vote on it, as well. This list currently includes titles such as Out of the Blue, with producers traveling around the world to investigate some of the most famous UFO events on record.

Documentaries are nonfiction and made with the intention of displaying reality for historical purposes and to educate those watching the film. Most documentaries are driven by independent filmmakers and those passionate about the topics they are portraying. This is especially true for documentaries about aliens, which often make incredible claims and are filled with passion.

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  • Unacknowledged


    475 votes
    • Actors: Richard Doty, Giancarlo Esposito, Steven M. Greer
    • Directed by: Michael Mazzola
  • Out of the Blue
    552 votes
    • Actors: Peter Coyote, Amir D. Aczel, Bernhard Haisch
    • Directed by: Boris Zubov, Tim Coleman, James Fox
    Out of the Blue is a feature-length documentary on the UFO phenomenon which premiered in theatres in July 2002 and, was first shown on television in June 2003. It was produced by American filmmaker ...more
  • I Know What I Saw
    327 votes
    • Actors: Seth Adams, Steve Allen, Kenneth Arnold
    • Directed by: James Fox
    UFO witnesses from around the world testify at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, and government and FAA officials from seven ...more
  • Project Blue Book

    Project Blue Book

    176 votes
  • UFO: the Secret NASA Transmission

    UFO: the Secret NASA Transmission

    223 votes
    • Actors: Martyn Stubbs, Graham W. Birdsall
    • Directed by: Graham W. Birdsall
  • Fastwalkers
    180 votes
    • Actors: Corrado Balducci, Stephen Bassett, Graham Bethune
    • Directed by: Anthony Tribune Miles
    For the first Time: Information you were never meant to know. Amazing UFO photos and footage you were never meant to see. Fastwalker is a code word created by NORAD to classify unidentified flying ...more