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List Rules Documentary films about astronauts, space travel, or outer space, including celestial bodies and other planets

There are a number of documentaries out there that detail the different aspects of the universe specifically discussing outer space, including the science of the universe, conspiracies about whether or not we truly landed on the moon, detailing the different planets in the solar system and the possibilities of aliens and UFO’s. No matter what your interest in watching a space documentary film or space docuseries is, there’s sure to be the perfect fitting one included on this list.

What are the best documentaries about space? The documentaries on this list cover any aspect imaginable when it comes to the topic of space, such as whether we’re alone in the universe or not, the beautiful qualities of the planets and the stars in our solar system and NASA space shuttle missions. Many of these films are informational, providing a historical context as well as scientific background.

This list has the best documentary films dealing with the subject of space, including: Orphans of Apollo, Through the Wormhole and The Planets. Vote up your favorite, spaciest documentary below or add any not already on the list.

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Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Released: 2008

Journey to the Edge of the Universe is a documentary film broadcast on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. It documents a space journey from Earth to the edge of the universe itself. ...more
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Through the Wormhole

Released: 2010

Nova: Earth from Space ... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Documentaries About Space
Nova: Earth from Space

Released: 2013

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David McNab

Released: 1999

The Planets is an educational miniseries produced by the BBC and A&E and released in 1999. The series was remastered in 2004. It documents the Solar System and its nature, formation, and ...more
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Toni Myers

Released: 2002

Space Station 3D is a 2002 Canadian-American 3D short documentary film about the International Space Station written, produced, edited, and directed by Toni Myers. Narrated by Tom Cruise, it is ...more
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Cosmic Voyage Bayley Silleck

Actors: Morgan Freeman

Released: 1996

Cosmic Voyage is a 1996 short documentary film produced in the IMAX format, directed by Bayley Silleck, produced by Jeffrey Marvin, and narrated by Morgan Freeman. The film was presented by the ...more
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Al Reinert

Actors: Buzz Aldrin, Gus Grissom, Alan Bean

Released: 1989

For All Mankind is a 1989 documentary film documenting the Apollo missions of NASA. It was directed by Al Reinert with music by Brian Eno. The film provides 80 minutes of real NASA footage, ...more
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UFO: the Greatest Story Ever Denied Jose Escamilla

Released: 2006

UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied is a 2006 documentary film written and directed by Jose Escamilla.
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Ben Burtt, James Neihouse

Released: 1994

Destiny in Space is a 70mm Canadian IMAX documentary film released in 1994. The film was written by Toni Myers, directed by Academy Award-winner Ben Burtt, and narrated by Leonard Nimoy. The ...more
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Out of the Present Andrei Ujic─â

Actors: Sergei Krikalev

Released: 1996

Out of the Present is a 1996 documentary film written and directed by Andrei Ujica.
Mission to Mir: IMAX is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list The Best Documentaries About Space
Mission to Mir: IMAX Ivan Galin

Actors: Shannon Lucid, Gennadi Strekalov, Charlie Precourt

Released: 1997

Mission to Mir is a 1997 documentary film about the Mir Space Station.
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michael-koebnick added
Seconds from Disaster is an American documentary television series that first began broadcasting in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel. The program investigates historically relevant ...more
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Asteroids: Deadly Impact Eitan Weinreich

Released: 1997

Every year, millions of asteroids and comets or ''stray bullets'' streak through the skies, and tons of small meteorites strike our planet! Some 65 million years ago, dinosaurs were wiped off ...more
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Actors: Timothy Ferris

Released: 1999

Life Beyond Earth is a documentary by Timothy Ferris that first appeared on PBS in 1999.
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The Dream Is Alive Graeme Ferguson

Released: 1985

The Dream is Alive is an IMAX movie, released in June 1985, about NASA's Space Shuttle program. The film was narrated by Walter Cronkite, and directed by Graeme Ferguson.
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UFO Files

Released: 2004

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Race to the Moon: American Experience Kevin Michael Kertscher

Actors: Joe Morton

Released: 2005

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Lost Moon: the Triumph of Apollo 13

Released: 1996

Apollo 11 is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list The Best Documentaries About Space
Todd Douglas Miller

Released: 2019

Apollo 11 is a 2019 American documentary film edited, produced, and directed by Todd Douglas Miller. It focuses on the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, the first spaceflight to land people on the moon.

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Sputnik Fever is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list The Best Documentaries About Space
Sputnik Fever

Released: 2007

Turning Point: Race to t... is listed (or ranked) 21 on the list The Best Documentaries About Space
Turning Point: Race to the Moon: the Tragedy of Apollo One

Released: 1996

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Our Century Artavazd Peleshyan

Released: 1983

Our Century is a 1983 documentary film written and directed by Artavazd Peleshian.
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Hail Columbia!: IMAX Graeme Ferguson

Actors: James Whitmore

Released: 1982

Hail Columbia!: IMAX is a 1982 short documentary film written by Roman Kroitor and directed by Graeme Ferguson.
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The Astronomers

Released: 1991

A Funny Thing Happened o... is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list The Best Documentaries About Space
Jim_In_Texas added A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon Bart Sibrel

Released: 2001

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon is a 2001 film written, produced and directed by Nashville-based filmmaker Bart Sibrel. Sibrel is a critic of the Apollo program and proponent of ...more