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The Best Documentaries About The Holocaust

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There are many documentaries that discuss the traumatizing Holocaust, including the historical events that led to the rise of Germany’s Adolf Hitler, the controversies around the Nazis, conspiracy theories about Hitler’s involvement in witchcraft and the Illuminati and the impact of the Holocaust on the Jews who were killed in the concentration camps. What are the best documentaries about the Holocaust? Check the list below, a few of these movies are even available on Hulu and Netflix.

These Holocaust documentaries have been ranked as the absolute best to watch for information and history on the topic. Many of these critically acclaimed documentary films feature survivors' stories from this dark time in history. Several also focus on how other countries came to the aid of the Jews, risking everything to help.

This list of the best Holocaust documentaries includes: Death Mills, Seeds of Destiny, Memory of the Camps: Frontline, The Nazi Plan, The Nuremberg Trials and Murderers Among Us. Vote up the Holocaust documentary you think is the most well done or add any not on the list.

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