The Best Documentaries About the U.S. Government

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Documentaries focusing on the U.S. government and U.S. government issues.

There are many documentaries on the United States government, covering topics from the controversies behind the branches of the government, how the democracy itself functions on a daily basis, historic White House cover-ups, the history of how the U.S. government began, biographies of former Presidents, and the issues of war. This list has them all. 

What are the best documentaries about the U.S. Government? No matter what aspect of the topic you're interested in, there's a United States government documentary on this list for you! These films have been ranked as the absolute best to watch for information on a variety of U.S. government topics. Many of these critically acclaimed films feature several different aspects of the government, including historical truths, conspiracy theories, and more.

This list features the best U.S. Government documentaries, including: Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam, 9/11 Mysteries, American Dictators, Hollywood and the Pentagon, The Crash of 1929, The End of America, Gasland, The Fall of the Republic and Hacking Democracy.

Vote up your favorite documentary about the U.S. government, add one that isn't on the list, or find an interesting film and learn something new about the American governmental system.
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  • Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election
    Richard Ray Perez, Joan Sekler
    18 votes
    • Actors: Danny Glover, Clarence Thomas, Peter Coyote
    • Released: 2002
    This documentary account of the events surrounding the 2000 U.S. presidential election examines the disputed vote in Florida and the myriad legal challenges by both political parties. Governor Jeb ...more

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    • Released: 2003
    Controversial documentary that highlights a series of alarming issues that were ignored by the mainstream media's coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • Street Fight
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    Marshall Curry
    1 votes
    • Actors: Cory Booker
    • Released: 2005
    Documentarian Marshall Curry chronicles the 2002 mayoral race in Newark, New Jersey. The election involves Sharpe James, who has held the seat for 16 years, and his challenger, attorney Cory Booker. ...more

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    • Actors: Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Sean Penn, Willem Dafoe, Michael J. Fox
    • Released: 1987
    During the Vietnam War, numerous U.S. soldiers wrote to friends and loved ones who were waiting back home for their safe return. This documentary takes a deeper look into the letters that were sent ...more
  • Stupid in America

    Stupid in America

    17 votes