The Best Documentaries About Video Games

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Documentaries about video games and gaming culture.

Oh the life of a gamer. Who doesn’t have a childhood that involved playing video games well into the wee hours of the night? If you’re a serious gamer there are a variety of documentaries out there that tackle the history of video games, celebrate the classics like Street Fighter and the Atari, and even take a close look at the concepts behind fan favorite video games. This list of the best documentaries about video games has something for every kind of gamer.

What are the best documentaries about video games out there? See below and remember the good old days when the first batches of Nintendo’s and Sega systems came out. Back then, the graphics seemed absolutely amazing; now technology has shifted us into realistic graphics that we never imagined could be possible twenty years ago! The documentaries on this list look at many different aspects of the video game industry, including the history behind games and gaming systems, looking into the lives of serious gamers and covering different video game conventions and competitions.

This list has the best video game documentaries, including: Thanks For Playing, Chinatown Fair: A Documentary, Rise of the Video Game and Second Skin. Vote for your favorite documentaries today and add any not included.
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