The Best Documentaries To Watch Stoned

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Be sure to vote up the best documentary videos to whatch while stoned. Indulging in marijuana can leave you a little more interested in the world than usual, which may lead you to wonder what to watch high to help take advantage of your newfound sense of awe. Wonder no more, stoned sage! Here, you'll find a list of killer documentaries to watch stoned.

These films are visually stunning and cover inherently interesting topics. From the origins of our universe to the oldest human paintings ever discovered, you're bound to be even more captivated by the subject material in your enhanced state.  These documentary movies to watch on marijuana are full of mind-bending facts and fascinating people, made all the more interesting with the help of marijuna.

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  • How The Universe Works

    How The Universe Works

  • The Legend Of 420

    The Legend Of 420

  • Grass is Greener is a 2019 American documentary film directed by Fab 5 Freddy. A documentary about America's relationship with cannabis.
  • Marley
    The life story of musician, revolutionary and legend Bob Marley, from the early days to international superstardom. Features rare footage, performances and interviews.
  • The infamous, shadowy British graffiti street artist Banksy has literally left his mark on cities throughout the world. He comes in contact with Thierry Guetta, a Los Angeles-based Frenchman who ...more
  • Samsara is a 2011 non-narrative documentary film, directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson, who also collaborated on Baraka, a film of a similar vein. Samsara was filmed over five years ...more
  • Reincarnated is a 2012 documentary, music film directed by Andy Capper. Rapper Snoop Dogg immerses himself in the Rastafarian culture and changes his name to Snoop Lion as he makes his first reggae ...more
  • Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

    Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

  • AlphaGo is a 2017 American documentary film directed by Greg Kohs. The ancient Chinese game of Go has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence. Yet in 2016, Google's ...more
  • Fearless Nepali mountaineer Nimsdai Purja embarks on a seemingly impossible quest to summit all 14 of the world's 8,000-meter peaks in seven months.
  • Documentary filmmaker Bruce Brown, himself a competition-level surfer, follows surfers Michael Hynson and Robert August on an around-the-world surfing adventure. With Brown's wry, sardonic narration ...more
  • In this documentary, filmmaker Werner Herzog and a small crew are given a rare chance to film inside France's Chauvet Cave, where the walls are covered with the world's oldest surviving paintings. To ...more
  • What Happened, Miss Simone? is a 2015 biographical documentary film directed by Liz Garbus. Exploring the life of Nina Simone, the documentary combines previously unreleased archival footage and ...more
  • Sky Ladder

    Sky Ladder

  • Into the Inferno is a 2016 documentary film directed by Werner Herzog. An exploration of active volcanoes in Indonesia, Iceland, North Korea, and Ethiopia, Herzog follows volcanologist and ...more
  • Degenerate Art is a 2011 documentary on the art and culture associated with glass pipes used for smoking cannabis. Its title references the German expression degenerate art, an invective used to ...more
  • How The Beatles Changed The World

    How The Beatles Changed The World

  • Biggie & Tupac is a 2002 feature-length documentary film about murdered rappers Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace and Tupac "2Pac" Shakur by Nick Broomfield. Broomfield suggests the two murders ...more
  • Fata Morgana is a film by Werner Herzog, shot in 1969, which captures mirages in the Sahara desert. Some narration recites Mayan creation myth by Lotte Eisner, text written by Herzog himself.
  • New York City, September 11, 2001. The morning everything changed. 102 minutes passed between the first plane's impact into One World Trade Center, the second plane's attack on Two World Trade ...more
  • The Union is a 2011 documentary film directed by Cameron Crowe.
  • Rock icons -- Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White -- from three different generations come together to discuss the electric guitar and their musical influences. The men swap stories and crank up ...more
  • Super High Me is a 2007 documentary film about the effects of smoking cannabis for 30 days. The documentary stars comedian Doug Benson. The documentary's name and its poster are plays on the 2004 ...more
  • This film explores the daily lives of two aging, eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith, are the sole inhabitants of a Long Island estate. During the ...more
  • Orson Welles' final film documents the lives of infamous fakers Elmyr de Hory and Clifford Irving. De Hory, who later committed suicide to avoid more prison time, made his name by selling forged ...more