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Indulging in marijuana can leave you a little more interested in the world than usual, which may lead you to wonder what to watch high to help take advantage of your newfound sense of awe. Wonder no more, stoned sage! Here, you'll find a list of killer documentaries to watch stoned.

These films are visually stunning and cover inherently interesting topics. From the origins of our universe to the oldest human paintings ever discovered, you're bound to be even more captivated by the subject material in your enhanced state.  These documentary movies to watch on marijuana are full of mind-bending facts and fascinating people, made all the more interesting with the help of marijuna.

Be sure and cast your vote to help other mildly mind-altered movie lovers pick out what to watch stoned! See any great docs you think are missing? Feel free to add them below. 

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The Legend Of 420

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Video: YouTube

Initial Release: 2017

Directed by: Peter Spirer

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How The Universe Works

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Video: YouTube

Initial Release: 2010

Directed by: Discovery Channel

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Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

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Video: YouTube

Initial Release: 1980

Directed by: Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, Steven Soter

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The Endless Summer

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Video: YouTube

The Endless Summer is a seminal 1966 surf movie. Filmmaker/narrator Bruce Brown follows two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, on a surfing trip around the world. Despite the balmy climate of their native California, cold ocean currents make local beaches inhospitable during the winter. They, with Rodney Sumpter and Nat Young, travel to the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Tahiti and Hawaii in a quest for new surf spots and introduce locals to the sport. Other important surfers of the time, such as Miki Dora, Phil Edwards and Butch Van Artsdalen, also appear. Its title comes from the idea, expressed at both the beginning and end of the film, that if one had enough time ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Bruce Brown, Miki Dora, Robert August, Michael Hynson, Wayne Miyata, + more

Initial Release: 1966

Directed by: Bruce Brown

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