The Best Documentary Shows On Amazon Prime

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It must be nice having an Amazon Prime membership. Access to free shipping and a range of movies and television—what more could you ask for? How about a lineup of documentary shows? Yeah, Amazon has that. Though most people seek out humor, suspense, or something else along those lines in a great TV series, that's not to say we can't all enjoy a documentary show here and there, and you can find some good ones with Prime. 

Whether you're looking for a trip through America's national parks (The National Parks) or an extensive history lesson in jazz (Jazz), you'll find quite a few popular documentary series on Amazon Prime. Whatever it is, you'll be learning at the least—and nothing beats good education. 

So, take a lesson in something you've never heard of or catch up on your favorite series from the list below. Also be sure to vote up the ones you like to help determine the best documentary shows on Prime. You can also add any that aren't already on the list. 

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