The Best New Television Documentaries Of 2020

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Vote up the best television docuseries that premiered in 2020.

UPDATED: Check out the best new documentaries of 2022!

Many of the best documentary series in 2020 are limited series or miniseries, allowing the show an arc that can transcribe an overall theme across the episodes. Some new documentary series promise to become anthology series, focusing on a new story each season. Long or short form, the best docuseries of 2020 are ones that fill up every social media channel the night after each new episode airs, as we share the facts and gasp at the revelations.

Though docuseries have been telling true tales for ages, their kid sibling are true crime podcasts, and at least one 2020 docuseries is a television adaptation of a podcast. Slow Burn is based on the Slate podcast of the same name and spends its first season examining Watergate. From investigative documentaries for those who like to know the ins and outs of everything from tragedies to industries to docudramas that balance interviews and dramatic reenactments, there are television documentary series in 2020 for just about everyone.

The best docuseries of 2020 might end up being some of the best documentary series of all time, so vote up the best documentary shows in 2020.

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