The Best Dog Breeds For Families  

Jordan Bates

Picking the right home, the right school, and the right classical music for a child's brain development are some of the many questions any young family must answer. If they decide they want a pet dog, a family certainly wants to know which dog breed best suits them.

Many factors come into consideration when picking a dog to join the household. Breed intelligence, aggressiveness, and size are all important when it comes to choosing a dog.

In addition to considering a breed's characteristics, you also need to take into account your living situation. Do you have children, do you have a yard, do you have the time to dedicate to raising, training, and loving a pet?

All of these deserve attention in choosing not just a dog breed but pets in general. By carefully considering and making the smartest choice, your family will be much happier in the long run. Learn more about the best dog breeds for families in the video below.