The Best Dog Movies for Kids

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There's no shortage of movies about man's best friend and we are here to determine the best dog movies for kids. Whether it's an old fashioned animated classic like 101 Dalmations or one of those new CGI ones, there's something about the adventures of a puppy or a dog that pulls on the heartstrings like nothing else.

That goes double for young kids. Even if you don't have a puppy at home, put on one of these good dog films for children, and watch even the toughest I-don't-care kids get wrapped up in the adventure. It makes sense that kids connect with dogs, as studies have shown that dogs can help calm children down and encourage them to connect with other people more. If you've ever asked yourself "what dog films can kids watch," look below for the answer. You'll find that quite a few of them are Disney dog movies.

A word of warning though, if you don't have a dog and you show your kids these movies, don't be surprised if they start bugging you night and day. "Can we please get a dog? I'll take care of it! Please? PLEASE?!"

So vote for your favorite appropriate dog movies for kids to get them to the top of the list, and don't forget to add anything we may have left off.

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