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The Best Dog The Bounty Hunter Episodes

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List of the best Dog the Bounty Hunter episodes, as voted on by other fans of the series. Dog the Bounty Hunter is a reality TV series centering on the experience of Duane "Dog" Chapman as a bounty hunter. With so many memorable episodes of the show, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Dog the Bounty Hunter episodes of all time are. Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter are extremely passionate about the show, and there is often debate over which episodes are better than others.

That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is. Examples of episodes on this list: "Family Business - Part 2," "Family Business - Part 1," and more. What is the best Dog the Bounty Hunter episode of all time? Look below and find out.
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    Season 8 Episode 1: Leland has to attend a Lamaze class before he can join the hunt--another Chapman is on the way! But when Dog starts to go after this accused jewelry thief without his fastest son, he learns that this fugitive puts the "R" in runner. Dog now knows that only Leland's fleet feet can catch this criminal. And when the fugitive is finally cornered, Leland is in for the fight of his life!
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    Season 5 Episode 12: It's Beth's birthday and Dog knows just what she needs, whether she know it or not! He surprises Beth with Delilah, a Papillion puppy small enough to sit in the palm of her hand. Beth is so taken with the little creature that she insists on taking the puppy with her on today's bounty. It's a revocation put in motion when Joshua's co-signer leaves town for California.
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    Season 5 Episode 38: Baby Lyssa's wedding is only three days away, but Dog is thinking about bounties, not bouquets. A hot jump has comes in and Dog wants to go on the hunt. When Lyssa and Beth object, Dog explains his decision, "We're a family of hunters, we need to hunt." How will the Chapman clan balance the demands of bounty hunting and wedding preparations?
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    Season 6 Episode 20: Only in Dog's world would a bantam fighting cock, a pregnant daughter, and a jungle safe house go together. And don't forget the mopeds as well a group of hostile squatters on government land! They're all part of the hunt for an elusive and clever criminal that takes Dog through the parts of Hawaii that tourists never get to see.
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    Season 5 Episode 20: They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but what if it's The Dog doing the teaching? Today's target is wanted on domestic abuse charges, but when Dog discovers she works for an escort service he opts for a new twist on an old ruse--arrest by appointment. The problem? This fugitive doesn't seem to get along any better at work than she does at home.
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    Season 7 Episode 2: Dog is back in Hawaii and tracking a dangerous fugitive through the jungles of the Big Island. Their prey is being protected by a ring of family and friends that Dog must forcefully confront to bring in his man. Finally a hot tip sends Dog and team to a volcanic moonscape and a midnight raid.
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    Season 1 Episode 18: Upset because one his puppies may die and wanting to give the little guy a second chance in life, Dog decides to offer one of the fugitives a second chance, too. He captures Paul, an "Ice Head" methamphetamine addict, then steers him to a rehab program instead of jail. The next day, Dog, Bonnie, and Cicely head for the vet's office, where they discover the puppy is OK.
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    Season 5 Episode 15: Today Leland and Dog make a quick visit to the police supply store to get some new gadgets for the team. But they can't linger because they've also got a fugitive to catch. Their target is reputed to have an explosive temper - she's facing terroristic threatening charges. Dog fears that drugs may be exacerbating her problems and raising the danger level for the posse.
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    Season 6 Episode 12: Dog knows that looks can be deceiving and today's hunt makes this point crystal clear. The fugitive is pretty, petite, and trouble. She stands accused of settling an argument with the help of a box cutter. What Dog does not anticipate is how deceptive this femme fatale can truly be!
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    Season 8 Episode 2: Dog is up in the high plains of Colorado helping a fellow bondman bring his most elusive fugitives to justice. When Dog discovers today's prey is a notorious ladies man, he knows just how to lure him in. The trap includes a suggestive phone call, a motel rendezvous, and a crew of bounty hunters waiting in the next room ready to break up the party!
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    Season 5 Episode 9: Dog is back in Denver and in hot pursuit of a woman wanted for identity theft. The sad reality is that the identify which has been robbed is her own. She's traded in a bright future for a life on the wrong side of the law. Dog and the posse trawl through Colorado Springs' skid row, hitting dive bars, greasy spoons and no-tell motels looking for leads as they hunt down this good girl gone bad.
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    Season 5 Episode 19: When you don't write the bond, you don't know the prey," as Dog always says. So when Dog and team help out a bondsman friend whose client jumped bail, the target is a blank slate. Are his tattoos gang related? Is he likely to be violent? And making matters worse, when they hit his apartment they learn he is moving out. Unless they catch him today, their only lead will vanish!
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    Season 6 Episode 7: There is a running joke in the posse that every time Bobby Brown asks them for help with a fugitive he always promises them that it's "an easy one," but the hunts end up being epic searches. So it's with a huge grain of salt that they listen to his guarantee that today's hunt will "really be an easy one." Will today finally be the day?
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    Season 5 Episode 8: It hurts Dog to see people who after years of walking the straight and narrow, suddenly lose their way. But today's case is a member of the law enforcement community who has recently gone astray, and that truly troubles the Dog. Not only does Moses know the tricks of the trade, there's the possibility he's packing his government issued handgun.
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    Season 5 Episode 11: Today Dog's stepping into other people's business, bail bonds business that is. Both brother Tim and fellow Honolulu bondsman James need Dog's help to track down their hard to find fugitives. The two cases on the docket today are challenging, especially the hunt for Gregory, a felon with a lengthy rap sheet.
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    Season 5 Episode 13: It's Halloween, and before Dog and Beth can help the kids carve their pumpkins, they have some business to attend to. It involves knocking on doors, and meeting the neighbors but instead of hunting for treats they're on the search for a fugitive. Their quarry is Robert, a tattoo artist with a bad habit of missing his court dates.
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    Season 5 Episode 16: When an offender with a long record ducks his day in court, Bobby Brown knows whom to call--The Dog! And knowing that few souls can resist Beth's clever persuasion, Dog gives her the job of luring the fugitive in. The big question is, with a trap in place and the minutes ticking away, will the fugitive show?
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    Season 5 Episode 18: Dog is always trying to reduce the number of fugitives in Hawaii, so he really doesn't like felons from the mainland combining their flight from the law with an island vacation. So when a brother bondsman from Washington State calls Dog for help tracking a runner in search of fun in the sun on the tropical paradise of Kauai, the team is on the case. Dog's only problem? No leads!
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    Season 5 Episode 34: Dog and the posse travel to the Big Island to help Leland track down a small-time Bonnie and Clyde couple. Their crime: theft, including allegedly stealing a pair of Buddha statues for resale. But this only masks deeper problems with the couple. On the ride to jail all is revealed, and the picture is not pretty.
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    Season 5 Episode 35: This fugitive is hard to pin down in Honolulu's downtown district - moving from hostel to hotel to apartment high-rise. But as the hunt evolves, Dog discovers that this alleged burglar isn't the only family member wanted by the law.
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    Season 1 Episode 16: Dog goes after a fugitive named Tracy who lives in a homeless shelter, but the shelter's staff is uncooperative, and the two sides get into an angry confrontation that forces Dog to temporarily back off. Next, an informant leads the team to Daniel, whose capture is clean but violent. Stressed out by the job, Dog and Beth decide to relax with a romantic dinner.
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    Season 5 Episode 17: Dog believes that the family that plays together stays together. But what happens when a family's idea of fun is getting high and running amuck? Today's case is a twofer, a brother and sister both charged with drug related offenses. Also, Dog has crossed paths with Jason, the brother, before. Jason once tried to stop Dog from arresting one of the most violent fugitives of his career.
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    Season 5 Episode 22: Dog always wants to share the wisdom he has collected on the streets with the fugitives he captures. But today he's going to do double duty! His son-in-law Travis (and trainee bondsman) is also in need of some knowledge. After Travis signs off on an iffy bond and the accused turns into a fugitive, Dog and Beth decide to bring Travis on his first bounty.
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    Season 8 Episode 5: A fugitive with a long criminal record has fled to Hawaii, and the bondsman on the mainland has asked Dog and the Posse for help. Dog doesn't have much information to work with, but he can use the felon's desire to impress his friends to track him down.
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    Season 1 Episode 17: Dog juggles his job and family responsibilities at the same time. He leads the search for Robert, a low-level drug dealer who makes money by selling hedge clippings as marijuana and broken Macadamia nuts as crack. As he hunts down Robert, Dog gets on the phone to tell Beth not to spend too much money to furnish Leland's Honolulu apartment.
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