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Are you in search of the best tips on how to train your dog, but are unsure where to start? Have you been trying to teach your dog the basic rules of playing in the house, doing dog tricks, following you closely outside, or playing nicely with others without much success? Are you longing for the day when your dog can truly become your best friend instead of a problem child who doesn’t know how to follow the most basic commands? If you’re asking the questions, “What are the top dog training tips out there?” or "What are some tips in training a puppy?" look no further – you’ve made it to the place that offers the best do’s and don’t’s when it comes to training your dog!
Dog training does not have to be a nightmare for either you or your dog; in fact, it should be an incredible bonding experience that the two of you share together for years to come! Remember that your dog is incredibly intelligent, and if she or he is not behaving well, it’s probably pointing more to your own lack of knowledge in how to train a dog instead of she or he just not being willing.
Learning the basics of dog training is simple with these easy dog training tips! Vote up the best dog training tip, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
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Connect With Your Dog

Training your dog should really be all about him. Take time to really focus on your dog and connect with him - you can't train your little guy if half of your attention is directed elsewhere. Your pup should feel like he has all of your attention today. Make sure he feels and knows that you are present for him. 
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Don't Mislead Your Dog

Never fool your dog with false promises of treats, toys, or playtime only to come up empty handed when he finalizes a trick or a behavioral advancement. If you promise your dog a treat, follow through on that promise. Otherwise, your dog will learn to distrust your commands. 
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Allow Time for Things to Sink ... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Very Best Dog Training Tips
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Allow Time for Things to Sink In

Allow enough time for your dog to process your command and react. He may not react immediately, but he may not be displaying signs of disobedience. Some dogs just need to think about it for a minute before they react. Be patient. 
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Be Consistent With Your Dog

When you use a different tone of voice, or different words for a command, your dog can get confused. Be consistent throughout your training - for example, if you ask your dog to "shake," say, "shake." Don't interchange that word with other phrases of the same meaning, like, "paw" or "let me see your hand." Your dog will recognize a cue exactly as you say it. 
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