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The Best Dogs for Men

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A list of the best dogs for men, as ranked by dog breed professionals and male dog owners across the world. Dogs are often given the title of man’s best friend and there’s definitely a good reason for that. Being a dog owner is one of the most rewarding thing any man can do. Dogs are often loyal friends who will be there for you when you’re stressed about work and relationships. They’re also great companions for physical activity like hiking through a tough trail or running around the block. Men who become dog owners are often content with their loves and happier overall due to their intelligent and loving pet. The dogs on this list would make faithful companions to any type of man.

This list has dogs fit for any man’s personality type. For the man who likes to exercise a lot, dogs like Huskies and Golden Retrievers are the perfect breed. Men who prefer to spend the day at home, relaxing in front of the television might find themselves in love with their pug orbulldog.

This list has breeds of all shapes and sizes, just waiting to become the companion of an equally loyal man. Whatever you’re looking for in a dog, there’s sure to be the right breed here for you -- and for the ladies out there, be sure to check out our list on the best dogs for women

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