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The Best 'Dolittle' Quotes Will Have You Talking To Animals

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After you've seen the new family film, we invite you to vote for the best Dolittle quotes. This is the latest version of the popular story about a man who can talk to animals. Rex Harrison famously played Doctor Dolittle in the 1967 version, and Eddie Murphy played him in the 1998 comedic remake and its 2001 sequel. The new iteration definitely has humorous elements to it, as the title character's animal friends often spout funny lines or witty one liners.

Robert Downey, Jr. steps into the lead role. The plot finds him venturing to a mythical island in search of a cure that will help the ailing queen. Harry Collett co-stars as Tommy Stubbins, his teenage apprentice. An all-star cast provides the voices of the animals. Rami Malek is gorilla Chee-Chee, Kumail Nanjiani is ostrich Plimpton, Emma Thompson is parrot Poly, John Cena is polar bear Yoshi, Tom Holland is dog Jip, and Octavia Spencer is duck Dab-Dab. Selena Gomez, Marion Cottilard, and Craig Robinson are on board, too. The filmmakers even got Ralph Fiennes to play a tiger named Barry.

Dolittle was directed and co-written by Stephen Gaghan, the Oscar-winning writer of Syriana and Traffic

Vote up the most memorable Dolittle quotes from the list below, regardless of whether they're spoken by a human or an animal. 

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