The Best American Domestic Beers

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Only domestic beers brewed and manufactured in the United States.
Latest additions: Miller Lite
Most divisive: Budweiser

This list features the best domestic beers, ranked by the beer loving community. There’s nothing better than celebrating a special event with loved ones, throwing a Super Bowl party or just spending the night out with friends. Though many international beers are great, sometimes you just need a reliable, American brewski.

What makes a great tasting beer basically boils down to the quality of ingredients used. A cheaper, lower quality will use less expensive ingredients in the brewing process and often uses a substandard method of fermentation and processing. A higher quality brew will use the best processes of malting, boiling, fermenting, filtering and packing the product, resulting in a higher quality of beer. The basic components of beer include a source of starch (like malted barley) which is fermented, allowing it to be converted into an alcohol, a brewer’s yeast and a flavoring agent.

This list discusses the best domestic beers from the United States, including: Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Busch, and Michelob Ultra Light.

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