The Best Dominican Baseball Players Of 2023



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Over the last 60 years, Dominican MLB players have rapidly become some of the most dominant and acclaimed players in all of baseball, and no one could have foreseen when Ozzie Virgil Sr. became the first Dominican-born player to join the MLB in 1956, the astounding impact he, and his Dominican brethren would have on the game. Throughout the next 60 years, players like Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols, and Vladimir Guerrero would become widely acknowledged not only as some of the best Dominican baseball players of all time, but as some of the greatest MLB players of all time, period. Jump ahead to 2023, and not only are players from the Dominican Republic just as dominant as ever, but they are also some of the most widely represented in the entire league, which begs the question, who are the best Dominican baseball players of 2023?

Players like Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz are grizzled and seasoned vets who have racked up awards from All-Stars to MVPs and know what it takes to win, while players like Sandy Alcantara and Luis Castillo are some of the best and brightest up-and-coming Dominican baseball players the league currently has. From World Series Champions to MVPs, from All-Stars to Rookies of the Year, the best Dominican MLB players make their countries proud and are continuously inspiring the next great generation of Dominical baseball players.

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Most divisive: Adalberto Mondesi