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The Very Best Doo Wop Songs

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When it comes to the best doo wop songs, the tunes on this list are hard to beat. With their notable harmonies, these popular doo wop songs are memorable and catchy. Doo wop as a whole has a significant place in music history – so if you aren’t familiar with the genre, learn more by listening to these top songs.

Characteristics of good doo wop music include vocal group harmony with a wide range of voices, and relatively simple music and lyrics, along with a simple beat. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Plenty of the famous doo wop songs listed here vary a bit from the conventional doo wop characteristics. That’s what makes them great!

The best doowop songs on this list include hits by some of music’s greatest acts, including The Platters (with multiple entries, including “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and “Only You”), The Flamingos (“I Only Have Eyes for You”) and The Chords. You might not be familiar with the group, but you sure know their biggest hit song: “Sh-Boom.” This doowop song list includes some early favorites in the genre, and some songs that became mega-hits once doo wop got a real foothold in popular music.

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