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The Best Doom Patrol Members

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Since they were introduced back in 1963, Doom Patrol members have always been a bunch of weirdos. In fact, the best Doom Patrol members over the years have often been the strangest. Even the most popular characters like Robotman and Elasti-Girl struggle with depression and ostracization stemming from their powers. Let's just say people aren't exactly the Justice League.

But it can be difficult to keep track of who was part of Doom Patrol over the decades, so we've compiled a list of all best past and present Doom Patrol members. It's up to you, however, to vote up whose eccentricities make them cooler and vote down who is just too weird to be let outside - much less star on a super team.

  • Crazy Jane
    Photo: DC Comics

    Crazy Jane

    First appearance: Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #19 February, 1989

    Jane Morris is, uh, crazy. In fact, "Jane" refers simply to the the dominant alternate personality of a woman named Kay Challis who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. She actually has 64 different personalities and, inexplicably, they each have a different super power.

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    • First appearance: My Greatest Adventure #80 June, 1963.

      Cliff Steele's origins are pretty similar to Robocop's in that they both suffered an accident that destroyed their squishy human body but left their brain intact enough to stick into a robot body. After becoming a robot, Steele suffered from depression before joining the Doom Patrol.

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      • Negative Man
        Photo: DC Comics

        First appearance: My Greatest Adventure #80 June, 1963.

        Larry Trainor gained super powers when a plane he was test piloting flew into some radioactive stuff. After the accident, Trainor could shoot out a negatively charged being (separate from his own defenseless body) who can fly around and blow stuff up.

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        • Elasti-Girl
          Photo: DC Comics

          First appearance: My Greatest Adventure #80 June, 1963.

          Rita Farr had already lived an incredible life well before becoming super stretchy. She was a gold medal winning Olympian, then a Hollywood actress. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how you feel about flexibility), Farr was exposed to some weird volcanic gases while shooting a movie that gave her the ability to expand or shrink her body at will. Her new powers made her something of a hermit, ruining her career but making her a perfect candidate for the original Doom Patrol. 

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