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The Best Doppelbocks

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A doppelbock, or a double bock is a strong lager that comes typically from Germany. Doppelbocks however, are now brewed around the world. Best Doppelbocks include Ayinger Celebrator, Samichlaus, EKU 28 and others. The list answers the question, ‘what is the best doppelbock in the world?’ Users looking to find the best dopplebock will want to search worldwide for the best beer. Bocks vary by style and the doppelbock is a stronger, maltier version of the lager. 

The color of the beer can also differ. Doppelbocks have a color that varies from a dark beer to a light copper colored beer. A doppelbock is also sweet and very high in alcohol content or ABV %. Typically the alcohol content % by volume varies from 7%-12% for double bocks but can go as high as 14%. The taste and ABV% are big factors in choosing the greatest doppelbock. Some have a dark and chocolatey or fruity aromas. Other double bocks have a rich and malty flavor with toasty notes of flavor. Today brewers often sign their doppelbocks with the signature “-ator”, like the Smuttynose Smuttonator, the Ayinger Celebrator, or the Duck Rabbit Duck-Rabbator. This list is a comprehensive list of the best and tastiest doppelbocks from all over the world.

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