The Best Movies About Doppelgangers

Whether its double trouble or two times the fun, movies about doppelgangers make for compelling cinema. The best movies about doubles are often cerebral in nature, presenting alternative versions of the lead character's reality. This is a list of the top movies about doppelgangers including everything from Vertigo to Mulholland Drive to Lost Highway.

What films will you find on this roundup of the best movies about lookalikes? In the chilling drama Black Swan, Natalie Portman plays a prima ballerina haunted by her doppelganger understudy. Director Darren Aronofsky blurred the lines of reality throughout this engaging Oscar-winning thriller. Solaris is another good doppelganger film featuring stunning imagery. The animated movie Coraline finds the title character discovering a bizarre new world that may not be what it seems. Other good films featured on this list include The Prestige, Adaptation, and Another Earth.

Which doppelganger film had you returning for multiple viewings? Give your favorite movies about look-alikes a thumbs up and get in on the discussion in the comments section.

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