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Get Ready To Hit The Slopes With The Best 'Downhill' Quotes

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Comedy fans are needed to vote for the best Downhill quotes. This new comedy is a remake of the outstanding Swedish film Force Majeure, which was an arthouse hit back in 2014. The new version has adapted the humor to be more suited to American audiences, but the story is the same. Like its source material, Downhill has a lot of funny lines that underlie some rather serious themes. 

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus play Pete and Billie Staunton. They take their two sons to the Alps for what's supposed to be a fun ski trip. While eating on the patio of the ski lodge, an avalanche hits, nearly wiping them all out. Billie's instinct is to protect the kids. Pete, on the other hand, panics and runs, leaving his wife and children behind. This simple act ends up causing a rift in their marriage, as he tries to come to terms with what he did and she realizes that he might not be the good man she always thought he was. 

Downhill was adapted and directed by Jim Rash and Nat Faxon, the Oscar-winning screenwriters of The Descendants. They also made the 2013 comedy The Way Way Back. The supporting cast includes Zach Woods, Zoe Chao, Kristofer Hivju, and Miranda Otto.

Vote up the most memorable Downhill quotes, whether they're witty one liners or more substantive pieces of dialogue.  

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    Huge Bang

    Billie Staunton: There was this huge bang. I looked over and Pete grabbed his phone. He left us.  

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    Leave You To Be Buried

    Pete Staunton: I didn't leave you to be buried. I ran to get help. 

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    Sea Cucumber

    Zach: I think it's a survival reaction. Like when a sea cucumber perceives a threat, it evacuates all of its organs through its rectum. 

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    Poles Up

    [A photographer is taking the family's picture]

    Pete Staunton: He wants poles up again.

    Billie Staunton: He wants us to keep doing poles up. 

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