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The Best Downton Abbey Actors

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List RulesOnly main and supporting cast members - no guest stars. Vote based on their performances on Downton Abbey.

While you might assume that the Downton Abbey cast would be swimming in awards, surprisingly this hasn't always been the case. While some of the Downton Abbey actors have indeed won a slew of awards including Oscar nominations and most have received shared SAG Awards for Best Ensemble cast, not all of them have racked in many more. Some of the actors playing your favorite Downton Abbey characters have gotten random festival awards but not a lot else, despite being incredible actors. That's why you'll have a chance to vote on the best actors on Downton Abbey regardless of how many awards they may or may not have received. 

Just vote for your favorite Downton Abbey actor or actress on the list of cast members below in order to help discover the internet's picks for the best actors on the historical family drama series. Next, to each, you'll also find a list of the awards they've received so you can be appropriately appeased or outraged. Once you've made your voice heard, check out these other TV shows like Downton Abbey.


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