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The Best Draco Malfoy Quotes That Prove He's A Slytherin

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The best Draco Malfoy quotes from the Harry Potter movies can make you realize how funny the character can be. Played by Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy is a member and general ringleader of the Slytherin House. There are some funny Draco Malfoy quotes, especially when he is being sarcastic or rude. There are even some pretty good insults as Draco Malfoy confronts the other Harry Potter characters. But which of these are the best Draco Malfoy lines?

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    Good One

    Draco Malfoy: Father always said that Dumbledore was the worst thing that ever happened to this place.

    Harry Potter (as Goyle): You're wrong!

    Draco Malfoy: What? You think there's someone here who's worse than Dumbledore? Well? Do you?

    Harry Potter (as Goyle): ... Harry Potter?

    Draco Malfoy: Good one, Goyle. You're absolutely right.


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      You Could Read

      Draco Malfoy: Why are you wearing glasses?

      Goyle: Oh, uh... reading.

      Draco Malfoy: Reading? I didn't know you could read.


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        Professor Lupin: Now repeat after me - without wands please - repeat after me, Riddikulus.

        Class: Riddikulus!

        Professor Lupin: Very good. A little louder please, and very clearly. Rid-di-kulus.

        Class: Riddikulus!

        Draco Malfoy: This class is ridiculous.


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          The Ballet

          Draco Malfoy: Training for the ballet, Potter?


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