The Best Dragon Ball Super Villains

Whether you're looking at Cell, Buu, or Frieza, the Dragon Ball franchise has some of the greatest villains in anime history. Do the villains of Dragon Ball Super measure up to the villains of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball ZThere are some truly excellent Dragon Ball Super villains, like Broly and Zamasu, but how good are they, really? And which ones are truly the best? 

This list includes villains who are indisputably evil like Zamasu, but it also includes characters like Jiren and Hit who aren't evil per se, just opposing Goku. Because much of the series takes place during a tournament, there are plenty of characters who need to be defeated but aren't necessarily doing something wrong so much as looking out for their own interests. Rather than villains, they're antagonists, but they're still included here. There are also some characters like Beerus who begin as villains but ultimately become allies.

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  • Frieza
    583 votes

    Frieza has been one of the primary antagonists of the Dragon Ball universe since its beginning and is revived in Dragon Ball Super.

  • Broly
    550 votes

    Broly is a Saiyan who was born with Super Saiyan-level powers. He is frequently beset by uncontrollable rages, and especially despises Goku.

  • Goku Black

    Goku Black

    526 votes

    Goku Black is an alternate universe version of Zamasu who is using Goku's body to help destroy mortal life. 

  • Vegeta
    415 votes