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The Best Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction, Ranked

Dragon Ball Z was the first anime that many fans ever encountered. While interest has faded for some, for others it's a passion that still burns brightly. Whether DBZ is an occasional thing you check in with when you want a pleasant wave of nostalgia or you're a current fan looking forward to every new episode of Dragon Ball Super, you might want to extend the adventure by checking out some good Dragon Ball Z fanfic. 

From epics spanning thousands of words to bite-sized short stories, there's a lot to choose from. Some stories explore the character's romantic relationships and inner feelings in more depth than canon has time for, while others send them on grand adventures that mirror the show itself. 

Which of these stories deserves the title of best Dragon Ball Z fanfiction? That's up to the readers. Whether you found an exciting new story to add to your reading list or came across an old favorite, vote it up to help steer other readers toward the best of the best.  

  • 1

    President for a Day


    by Darke Angelus 

    When Bulma comes down with the flu, Vegeta takes over Capsule Corp. for the day, much to the horror of executives of a rival company who had hoped to intimidate the heiress into a deal. 

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  • 2

    The Fall of Lord Frieza


    by Mr.Arkham 

    Frieza makes a different choice against Goku on Namek and his life takes a drastically different course. As his empire and family crumble away from him, Frieza must rise from the ashes and become a hero in a galaxy that fears and despises him.

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  • 3

    Long Live The King


    by RC_McLachlan

    "So, there's a crazy guy on the front lawn shouting that he's the king of the Saiyans. He keeps threatening to blow up the planet."

    "I told you, just ignore him when he gets like this. He'll be fine by lunch."

    "It's not Papa."

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  • 4

    In the Shadows


    by niteryde 

    Someone has neither forgotten nor forgiven the terror the Saiyan prince once inflicted across the universe, so long ago. And now that Vegeta has a family of his own, it's the perfect time to return the favor...

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  • 5

    Break Through The Limit


    by Captain Space 

    Raditz finds himself outmatched when he comes to earth, due to a change in Goku's final battle against Piccolo five years earlier. Can Raditz find it within himself to become a hero alongside his brother, and rise to face Frieza, the androids, and more? 

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  • 6

    Triple Identity


    by Lucifer-Allheart

    Gohan has been working at the CC since he was 15, but now at age 18 his mom forces him to go to high school. How will Gohan fit in while trying to keep his identity as halfalien, superhero AND scientist hidden? GohanxVidel highschool fic with some twists.

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  • 7

    Bardock: The Untold Story


    by shuntle2

    This story is set after the Episode of Bardock which was released in 2011. After being on Planet Plant for over a year Bardock cannot obtain the power he used to defeat Chilled. He decides to leave Planet Plant and finds himself on Planet Earth.

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  • 8

    Future That Almost Was


    by HeroR 

    On August 764, Frieza and his father arrived on Earth seeking revenge against the Super Saiyan. When they arrived, they are killed by Trunks. That is the history we have come to know. However, this isn't that story. This is a story of the original timeline. Of the future that should have been.

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  • 9

    Culture Shock


    by Brelic 

    In a universe where Raditz took a slightly smarter approach to his battle against Goku and Piccolo, how will the survival of one fighter cause ripples throughout the entire timeline.

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  • 10

    Dragon Ball Generations


    by BaconForEveryone

    Five long years of peace has followed the end of the Dragon Ball Z era. However, darkness oozes out from the cracks when an old enemy awakens ancient and almighty jewels that threaten the cosmos and force our heroes into action.

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  • 11



    by RC_McLachlan

    There is a faceless, woman-shaped shadow where the memory of his mother lives.

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  • 12

    Always You


    by smee-chan 

    Trunks shares a revelation with his best friend that tests their friendship, and makes Goten look at him in a whole new way.

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  • 13

    ChiChi's Journey


    by Lady Thundera

    After Goku leaves with Uub, Chi-Chi looks back at her life and with help from Bulma decides to get away from it all.

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  • 14

    Places That We Knew


    by wbss21

    He is, by far, the quietest man she has ever met.

    A story about the friendship and eventual relationship between Vegeta and Bulma, and a character study of Vegeta through the examination of his childhood.

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  • 15

    West City Public Library


    by AGirlNamedEd

    Welcome to the West City Public Library, where everyone in Technical Services is trying to kill each other, a scary looking man named after an instrument runs the children's department, and interoffice betting pools are set up over who's going to ask who out first. Throw in a martial arts instructor and his son, the daughter of a well-known pro-wrestler, an elite office assistant, and a local author with multiple personalities, and one thing is for sure: a trip to WCPL is never boring.

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  • 16



    by Arglefumph

    A hypothetical situation: What if Gohan didn't remember who Hercule was when he first went to high school? 

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  • 17

    When In Rome


    by Sevargs

    Goku lived his life going with the flow, holding very little interest in things outside of training and a good fight, until his path had crossed with Vegeta—a man determined to ignore what their interactions started to imply. But—with time—Goku learned just the right buttons to press to start cracking the hard shell of Vegeta, and he found his interests so refocused on digging deeper that even their wives began to take notice.

    The time they spent together had to mean something, but some things have to be spelled out.

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  • 18

    Tit for Tat


    by ETNRL4L

    Unwittingly, Vegeta and Bulma come together to seal a fragile treaty between unlikely allies. Both have much to gain and much to compromise.
    It is an arrangement of convenience. They collaborate, and each gets what they need. Attachment is not part of the agreement. They certainly don't have to like each other. They barely need to interact to reach their intertwined goal. They just need to stay focused.
    But, focus can become... elusive, when your enforced not-really-your-spouse is so damned—

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  • 19

    Black Coffee


    by musicofthespheres

    Vegeta inherits a coffee shop. This isn't what he had in mind when he left Frieza's employ all those years ago, but sometimes life takes you in funny directions. With the help of the assistant manager, Goku, the weekend supervisor, Piccolo, and an over-worked bunch of baristas, Vegeta turns the store into something even he can be proud of. And maybe he'll find a life he can be proud of, too.

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  • 20

    Asterion's Heaven


    by Son Rhandi 

    On a whim of the Kais, Ginyu is summoned to settle a bet. If he can prove that a damned soul can change given the chance, he will be reincarnated. If he fails, his soul will be destroyed. Problem is, he isn't the one that needs to prove he can change...

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