The Best Dragon Ball Z Fights of All Time

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Since it first premiered in 1989, Dragon Ball Z has produced some of the most epic anime battles the style has ever seen. DBZ took the martial arts action of the original Dragon Ball anime and cranked it up to 9000, and introduced viewers to a whole cast of enthralling new characters. With so many memorable fights to consider, it's hard to decide which DBZ fight is best. However, some fights brawls stand out above the rest, as they manage to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering how the heroes could possibly triumph. 

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  • Goku Vs. Frieza
    2,401 votes

    Goku Vs. Frieza

  • Gohan Vs. Perfect Cell
    2,559 votes

    Gohan Vs. Perfect Cell

  • Goku Vs. Vegeta
    2,238 votes

    Goku Vs. Vegeta

  • Goku And Vegeta Vs. Kid Buu
    1,740 votes

    Goku And Vegeta Vs. Kid Buu