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The Best Dragon Ball Z Games of All Time

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List RulesOnly Dragon Ball Z video games, no other Dragon Ball properties (original, Kai, GT, etc).

Dragon Ball Z video games have been around since the '90s, but which ones stand out from the others? These are the best games for the Dragon Ball Z series, ranked by your votes. They cover only Dragon Ball Z and not the other Dragon Ball properties, so no games featuring the original or GT will be included below.

Many American gamers got their first taste of Dragon Ball Z games through imported copies of the Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden fighting game, which was released in Europe as well as Japan. North America didn't get an officially translated Dragon Ball Z game until 2003's Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. While Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout was released in 1997 to North American audiences, it technically is a GT game and not a Z game.

There are a staggering amount of games that this franchise has given birth to, but this list only includes the top DBZ games. Is there anything better than controlling Goku or Vegeta and executing their special attacks? One thing that's unique about DBZ fighting games is that they allow you to fight in the sky, something that you won't see in most other games.

There are definitely some fun Dragon Ball Z RPGs as well, and we've included them on this poll. If one of your favorite games is missing, don't worry--you can add whatever DBZ games you want to the list. Just make sure they are the best Dragon Ball Z games and not original, Kai, or GT games.