The Best Drama Anime on Netflix

If you're looking for some good drama anime on Netflix, we've got you covered! This list will tell you what drama anime is currently streaming on Netflix, and we're letting you vote up your favorites so that other otakus can be recommended good anime!

It's kind of hard to classify exactly what passes as a Netflix drama anime, because drama is kind of a broad term when defining an anime (since almost all anime have elements of drama to them.) If you want something that is more about everyday people, check out Your Lie in April. In the other direction there is drama anime like Attack on Titan or Death Note that feature otherworldly or fantastical elements to their stories. Other good drama anime currently streaming on Netflix include Durarara!!, Gunslinger Girl, and Sword Art Online.

Use this list as a guide to find drama anime that's on Netflix right now, but also vote up the series you have watched and enjoyed so that other fans can get some good drama anime recommendations. This list has been updated as of 2018, so you can be sure that we aren't missing any good Netflix drama anime.

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