The Best Drama TV Shows Of 2018

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Only shows that premiered in 2018.

The best drama TV shows of 2018 are here, and they're nothing short of captivating. While we all love to say we hate drama in general, there's something about new drama series that always have us up in arms and wanting more at the end of each episode. Some of us even get so involved, we're talking to the TV screen calling some character a bitch. All that aside, the new 2018 drama shows have everything you want and more.

Certainly making the list of drama series for 2018 are big hits Altered Carbon, The Rain, and The Terror, but there's quite a few more you'll have to check out below to get a full taste of the new drama shows. As far as which are the best drama series of 2018, that's up to you fans to decide—so rank accordingly.

Vote up your favorite dramas shows from 2018, and be sure to vote down the ones you didn't like. Of course, you can also add any new series that aren't on the list, and then see what new dramas began in 2019.

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