The Best New Drama Shows Of 2020

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Vote up the best dramatic television shows that premiered their first season in 2020.

UPDATED: Check out the Best New Dramas in 2021!

If you're ready for some fresh drama, the new 2020 drama series have everything you want and more. When it's something in our lives, we're not fans of drama, but as a genre? We always want more. The idea of missing a moment of the latest complicated plot twist, betrayal, or heartfelt convo is too painful. There's something deliciously decadent about new drama series that always have us making sure we catch each episode, no matter what. The best new TV dramas of 2020 are here, and they're already starting the year on high emotions.

Making the list of drama series for 2020 are genre shows like the science fiction neXt, or War Of The Worlds – a BBC/Netflix joint adaptation of the H.G. Wells classic novel. Even if you just want classic crime drama, there is plenty of that too, including Deputy and Tommy. There's family drama, funny drama, and even dramatic horror, but you'll have to check out the list of new television dramas below to get a full idea of everything current. As far as which are the best drama series of 2020, that's up to you - so rank accordingly.

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