The Best Dramas on Cable Right Now

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Vote up your favorite serial dramas that are airing on cable channels like FX, HBO, and Showtime.

The best dramas on cable right now are those serious, captivating dramatic television shows that we just cannot miss. While network television drama shows are great too, cable shows are perhaps better with fewer restrictions on what can be said, shown and done, making the shows appear more real and definitely more appealing to watch. These are not just the best dramas on cable, they are also arguably the best current dramatic TV shows on anywhere right now.

While few years ago AMC was an unlikely choice to break out with original drama series, in the recent past it has earned great praise for its work. With headlining shows like Better Call Saul, The Terror, and The Walking Dead, AMC has quickly become a favorite among cable channels. Movie channels like HBO and Showtime are no different with top series like The Chi, Fargo, Westworld, and Big Little Lies keeping viewers on the edges of their seats each week.

That's not to say other networks are not holding their own among original cable drama series. Shows like Doctor WhoAmerican Horror Story, and Outlander are easily among the favorite drama shows on cable right now.

There is little doubt that many of these best cable dramas are not just the best in their category but also some of the best TV shows in recent memory. Have a favorite drama series on cable TV that you just can't miss? Vote for your selections below!


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