The Best New Dramedy Shows Of 2022

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Vote up the best TV dramedy series that premiered their first season in 2022.

The best dramedy shows make us laugh but also get real, and the best dramedy shows of 2022 offer all the cathartic goodness you want from a comedy-drama. From relatable hot messes to over the top mixes of comedy and drama, the new dramedy TV series premiering in 2022 have it all.

Who says a good dramedy has to stop at just two genres? Wolf Like Me packs romance and fantasy into its mix, with a meet-desperate that is sometimes all too real, even in the midst of its fantastical setup. For millennials, As We See It and Single Drunk Female are full of that mix of laughter and tears that defines the lives of folks finding their way through their mid-twenties to late thirties.

Check out the 2022 dramedy shows below and vote up the very best, and see where your new favorite comedy-dramas rank.