The Best Dressed Female TV Characters

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List of the female TV characters with the best wardrobes and fashion sense, current or past.

List of the best dressed female TV characters currently on TV or from the past. These are the most fashionable women to grace the small screen, whether they’re powerful in Prada or beguiling in boho-chic. Sometimes quirky, other times glam, these best dressed ladies on TV have always done one thing: wowed viewers with their well-put-together styles.

 One way for fashionable TV women to catch audiences’ attention is with high-end evening wear. From slinky black dresses to shockingly pink frocks, trendsetting TV women are the focus of the party, and they command both the audience’s and the other characters’ attention. Could anyone rip his or her eyes away from Blair (“Gossip Girl”) when she stunned in the gold embroidered, peacock-inspired evening dress designed by Marchesa? The hottest TV women know how to wear designer fashions, and they wear them well.

 Of course, the best dressed women on TV don’t always dress to the nines. Even in a simple sweater and jeans, however, these fashionable television females are still the height of style. Rachel (“Glee”) is the pinnacle of casual, preppy chic, while Carrie (“Sex and the City”) could work almost any article of clothing into her eccentric, distinctive style. These fashionable TV women are so inspiring that there are websites devoted to helping viewers capture their looks and style.

 This list contains the most fashionable women on TV, the stylish female TV characters who have dressed to impress episode after episode. Whether their styles are casual, elegant, or unusual, the best dressed TV ladies are right here. Included on the list are characters who are fashionable in period costume, as well.
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