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The Best Dressed Rappers

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The best dressed rappers are the top names in rap and his hop music who are consistently looking sharp when they're on the red carpet, being photographed for magazines or performing in their videos. These rappers are rich and famous, but also have some of the best style in all of music today. Just like each of these rappers has their own unique sense of style, we're all entitled to our own opinion of which rapper is the best dressed of them all. Vote for the rapper's style you like best or add that rapper below!

While his style is not for everyone, according to Complex magazine, Kanye West leads all other rappers on the best dressed list. The publication, in conjunction with Nah Right, put 64 of the most dapper rappers through a bracket-style competition to determine which was the most stylish. Defeating several other very chic rappers along the way, Kanye West was victorious.

Like Kanye, many of the other elite rappers among the best dressed don't just make great rap songs, but also make their own clothing with clothing lines nearly as successful as their music. Jay-Z's Rocawear and Diddy's Sean John are two of the most well known clothing lines and wildly successful as fans of both rappers get the chance to dress like their favorites by purchasing the clothes designed by their icons.

Who are the best dressed rappers? Mainstream celebrities, rappers included, are constantly under the scrutinizing eyes of paparazzi, critics and fans but these stylish rappers have consistently earned praise for their fabulous fashion choices. It shouldn't be a surprise that these are also some of the richest rappers in the world. Wealth, fame and dashing style, sounds like a perfect combination to me. These good looking rappers have their outfit game on lock. Whose looks are your favorite? Vote below!

  • Sean Combs
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  • T.I.
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