The Best Drinking Games

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Games that involve drinking

The best drinking games of all time are designed to do one thing: get you messed up. If a night of alcohol and beer games is what you're after, there's no finer option that a classic drinking game to pass the time. Whether your poison of choice is liquor, beer, wine, or something weird, there you'll soon find yourself a fan of one of these drinking games that will mess you up.

This list of drinking games includes all manner of ways to get drunk through competition, including beer pong, flip cup, quarters, thumper, and the new classic Battleshots. Games that involve alcohol carry the inherent risk of getting messy and/or dangerous, so make sure to exercise some caution when playing these top drinking games of all time.

What is the best drinking game to play? What are some fun easy alcoholic games for a big group? If you're too bored to drink for the sake of drinking and not creative to come up with your own awesome drinking games, this list should get you headed in the right direction of inebriation. If your favorite drinking game isn't on this list of good ones, make sure to add it.
Most divisive: Flip, Sip, or Strip
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  • Beer Pong
    95 votes

    Beer Pong

    How to Play: BEER PONG
  • Flip cup
    76 votes
    How to Play: FLIP CUP
  • King's Cup
    58 votes
    How to Play: KING'S CUP aka RING OF FIRE aka WATERFALL
  • Quarters
    57 votes


    How to Play: QUARTERS
  • Cards Against Humanity
    55 votes

    Cards Against Humanity

  • Bullsh!t
    45 votes


    How to Play: BULLSH!T