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The Best Driving Roads in the World

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Why do people love driving? What makes the best roads so wonderful to drive? Everyone's looking for that one moment - that instant of transcendent non-awareness, that essential loss of existential boundary. To dance with physics, experience the one-ness of non-being, and touch the face of God sideways and on fire. The best driving roads in the world, in the right car and on the right day, are the shortest way to get there, as all car lovers and driving enthusiasts know.

True, the greatest driving roads don't offer many quick ways to get anywhere; if anything, they've got far more twists, turns, and curves than anything made for transportation logically should. And half of them are stuck in the middle of nowhere, going from no place of interest to another. You certainly won't many major US interstates on this list of fun roads to drive.

But that's not the point of the best driving roads. It's not a matter of where you're going, or why. It's a matter of being where you are, right now. Which roads are the best to drive? Which should be on your international driving bucket list?

Take a few minutes to drive the information superhighway and take a look at the picturesque, fun-driving roads on this list. Then hop in the car, hit the pavement, and see what all the fuss is about with these roads and byways for yourself.
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    The Lang Whang, the UK's A70

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    This road's name is Scottish, and it covers 75 miles between Edinburgh and Ayr, in the misty moors. Apart from being the twisting B-road for which all British roadsters are build, the A70 winds through the emerald and heather expanses of the Scottish highlands amid castles, mountains, and lots and lots of sheep. With an eerie and Druidic charm of its own, the Lang Whang is a must-see for anyone planning a drive through the Auld Country.
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    Schweizer National Park, Switzerland to Italy

    Photo: flickr / CC0
    Another road that has been featured on Top Gear, this one spans 57 miles from Davos, Switzerland to the Stelvio Pass in Italy. The Schweizer Road features 60 hairpin turns going up and down the mountain pass, and offers plenty of tight, technical sections, as well as places to go flat-out fast. The only downsides: the road is well-known and half of it is in Switzerland, where speeding is a more serious offense.
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    Death Valley, California to Nevada

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Everyone's seen those pictures of the iconic and arrow-straight "endless road" running through Death Valley, but few are aware of the incredible mountain roads that surround it. The 328-mile road (Route 168) running from Las Vegas to Mammoth Lakes offers pretty much every combination of tight hairpin, high-speed sweeper, and up and down imaginable, and it's just vacant enough to have some fun. Featured in almost as many movies as the PCH, Death Valley Road is a can't miss in America's wild west.
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    Nurburgring North, Germany

    Photo: Paul D'Ambra / Flickr

    Technically, it's a racetrack and not a public road in the purest sense. But it kind of used to be, and for $33, anybody who wants to can experience all 187 turns of this legendary track. (Think of it as a toll road!)

    At 17.53 miles, it is easily the longest racetrack in the world, and Nurburgring lap times have become the new standard by which all performance cars are measured. If you're in Europe looking for great driving experiences, you can't miss this one. And if $33 seems a little unreasonable, it is about 1/10,000th the cost of a speeding ticket in Switzerland.
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