The Best Drugs to Take at Coachella

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Vote up the best drugs to hypothetically take in the middle of the desert heat among thousands of fashionable and annoying people.

There are a million Coachella lists out there that tell you which bands to see, what clothes to wear, and even what supplies to pack; many of these lists, however, are not discussing the one thing many Coachella attendees will be giving copious amounts of thought to packing: drugs.

Of course drugs aren't allowed at Coachella. Concert promoters can't go around saying "bring drugs to enhace the experience," but they're likely thinking it. This list also provides information about what drugs could hypothetically be used during different performances. After all, not all drugs are created equal — and there are some drugs that should/should not be taken while watching certain bands perform. With all the must-see bands performing at Coachella, this list will help you decide the best drugs to optimize your experience (if that's what you're into).

Drugs to take at Coachella isn't just a bunch of drugs thrown together on a list, it's a user's guide to bands and drugs that form the complete experience that is the Coachella Music and Art Festival. If you've been to the Indio Polo Fields over the years and done Coachella the right way, make sure to vote for the best drugs to enhance the Coachella experience.

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    Many like to call this one "Molly," but you may also know it as ecstasy, X, or that drug that makes you want to dance and touch strangers. If you want to groove and see colors and be totally unphased by the sweaty guy whose chest hair keeps touching you, this is the drug to take.

    Bands to see when you use this drug:

    The Magician

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    Mostly everyone at Coachella is baked, so this is an expected stimulant to pack along for the journey.

    Bands to see when you use this drug:


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    Indulging on 'shrooms at Coachella is a real crap shoot, but there are so many weird art installations and trippy people milling about that it could be the best thing you've ever done. 

    Bands to see when you use this drug:​​​​​​

    Adventure Club

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    Plenty of people who smoke weed regularly get knocked out by edibles, so it's really quite a different experience than the omnipresent reefer cloud over the rest of the festival. Pot brownies/cookies/suckers/candies mellow you out, chill you down, and lend a bit of euphoria to the chaotic vibe that can sometimes be felt at Coachella.

    Bands to see when you use this drug:

    Broken Bells
    The Cult
    The Replacements
    The Naked and Famous

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    Coachella could be the best — and worst — place ever to do LSD. If you have a bad trip in the middle of a crowded dance tent, you're gonna have a bad time. If you're familiar with the effects of the drug though, drop that tab, grab a bottle of water, and trip out.

    Bands to see when you use this drug:

    Empire of the Sun
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Ellie Goulding

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    If you're keen to see if Adderall and bands are good together, this is a great time to experiment.

    Bands to see when you use this drug:

    Capital Cities
    Pharrell Williams
    Arcade Fire

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