The Best Dubstep Artists Of 2019, Ranked

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Updated: check out our list of the top 10 dubstep producers of 2020!

Dubstep artists are known for crafting sweet beats with syncopated rhythms and lots (and we mean lots) of bass. While some of the best dubstep artists of 2019 are breakout newcomers like Arty, old-school favorites like Leftfield and Moby are still at the top of their game.

As a subgenre of electronic music, dubstep is said to have originated in the UK sometime in the late ‘90s. But while the first artists started experimented with different sounds as a way to help elevate audiences and create an amazing live show, the hottest new dubstep artists today are able to take the older music formula and turn it into something completely original.

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  • Zomboy
    Dubstep, Electro house, Drum and bass
    17 votes
    • Albums: Game Time EP, The Dead Symphonic EP, Reanimated, Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann), The Outbreak
    Joshua Mellody, better known by his stage name Zomboy, is a British electronic music producer and DJ. Zomboy debuted in 2011 with the track "Organ Donor", which was released on Never Say Die Records' ...more
  • Funtcase
    Dubstep, Drum and bass
    8 votes
    • Albums: Fuuuuk! / Don't Do That (Flux Pavilion remix) / Giant, So Vexed, Gorilla Flex
    James Hazell, better known by his stage name FuntCase, is an English dubstep and drum and bass producer and DJ, from Bournemouth, England. Hazell first released drum and bass, under the alias DJ Dose ...more
  • Liquid Stranger
    Dubstep, Electronic music, House music
    8 votes
    • Albums: Cryogenic Encounters, The Invisible Conquest, The Arcane Terrain, Subsonic Soil EP, The Intergalactic Slapstick
    Martin Stääf (born 13 November 1978), aka Liquid Stranger, is a Swedish-born electronic musician, described by Generation Bass as "the epitome of Transnational Dubstep covering everything from Latin, ...more
  • Knife Party
    Dubstep, Electro House, House Music
    10 votes
    • Albums: Haunted House, Rage Valley, 100% No Modern Talking, Antidote, Internet Friends (Revolvr Bootleg)
    Knife Party is an Australian electronic dance music duo. They formed from two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. They were ranked at #53 on DJ Magazine's ...more
  • Skrillex
    Dubstep, Electro house, Trap
    13 votes
    • Albums: Gypsyhook, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, My Name Is Skrillex, More Monsters and Sprites, Recess
    Sonny John Moore (born January 15, 1988), known professionally as Skrillex, is an American record producer, DJ, musician, singer and songwriter. He released the "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" EP ...more
  • Bassnectar
    Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Drumstep
    8 votes
    • Albums: Timestretch, Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks, Underground Communication, Diverse Systems of Throb, Vava Voom
    Lorin Ashton (born February 18, 1978), better known under his stage name Bassnectar, is an American DJ and record producer. Bassnectar performs regularly at a variety of music festivals, including ...more